Leadership Development:

Sherry Penney, through consulting group Penney and Nadelson: Advancing Careers,  specializes in executive coaching for individuals in the academic, business and nonprofit sectors. She assists individuals in advancing in their careers, managing promotions, achieving c-suite status, and board positions.

Work with clients is one-on-one through individual sessions that vary according to participant needs. She works with clients to address long range goals, assess strengths and developmental needs as well as leadership potential, while also reviewing the  organizational culture.

Penney will work with you to develop action plans and provide regular feedback as you proceed.

Institutional Effectiveness:

Penney has chaired some eighteen accreditation teams and been a participant on eight others and works with clients on defining and measuring institutional effectiveness.  Attention is also given to change initiatives, long range planning and developing and achieving strategic goals for organizations.

 Board Development:

Penney has been on a corporate board for twenty years and has chaired two major not for profit boards as well as served on some sixteen other boards.  She has worked with boards on board composition (including diversity), board goals and board effectiveness.

She also works with individuals who are interested in exploring board membership and on how to develop appropriate skills and expand their networks to become candidates for board positions.