Recent Publications and Speeches

Recent publications:

“Voices of the Future: Leadership for the 21st Century,” Journal of Leadership Studies, Vol. 5, issue 3, 2011.

“Developing Collaborative Leaders: An Empirical Program Evaluation,” with Jennifer Leigh and Ester Shapiro, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, November, 2010.

Review of Seneca Falls and the Origins of the Women’s Rights Movement, by Sally G. McMillen, Journal of American History, December, 2008.

“Developing Future Business and Civic leaders: the Emerging leaders       Program,” with Philip Quaglieri and Jennifer Waldner, Management Decision, Vol. 45. No. 10 2007.

“Numbers Are Not Enough: Women in Higher Education in the 21st Century,” with Jennifer Brown and Laura Oliveria, New England Journal of Public Policy, spring, 2007.

Guest editor, New England Journal of Public Policy, Special Issue: Women, Spring 2007

Review of The Road to Seneca Falls by Judith Wellman in Journal ofAmerican History, December 2005.

“Lessons About Reform from A Very Dangerous Woman,” New                      England Journal of Public Policy,  Spring/Summer 2005, with James D Livingston.

“Urban Universities and Urban Leadership,” Metropolitan Universities,     December, 2003.

“Hints for Wives,” with James D. Livingston, Journal of Women’s History, June 2003.

“Expectant at Seneca Falls,” with co-author James D. Livingston, New                           York History,  Winter 2003.

“New Leaders for the New Century,” with Jennifer Leigh and Vinai Norassakkunkt in Building Leadership Bridges (International Leadership Assn., University of Maryland, 2002).

 Recent speeches:

Sept. 14, 2011, Boston chapter of Rotary International. “Leadership for the 21st Century.” (Boston)

October 13, 2012, “Women and Leadership: What is Needed Now,” Center for Women and Politics and Public Policy. (Boston)

October 21, 2011, Boston Business Journal conference on Diversity, “Inclusion: Essential for Leadership,” (Boston).

Leadership Now and in the Future, ELP Gala, Nov. 5, 2011, John F Kennedy Library. (Boston)

Feb. 27, 2012, Speech to Fenway Consortium, ” Leadership for Change,” (Boston).

What it is like to be a College President, HERS Wellesley, March 17, 2012.

March 23, 2012 , Golden Key North East conference, Leadership for the 21st Century: Generations X and Y,” (Boston)

April 14, 2012 HERS Presidents’ Summit,  “Issues for Women Leaders,” (Colorado Springs, CO.)

June 7, 2012, MA Society for Information Technology, “Leadership for the 21st century and IT Implications”  (Waltham).

March 19, 2013 (scheduled) HERS Wellesley, Natick MA, College Presidents today.